Meaning Of Dreams

Meaning Of Dreams

Meaning Of Dreams hopes to satisfy your need of achieving understanding the meanings of dreams. The symbols and context in your dreams play an important role in understanding their meanings. Check them here at our site! Different dreams have different meanings. We give you two meanings of two popular dreams as examples.

Dreams about Being Chased

You have dreams of being chased when you are trying to avoid a situation or person in your waking life. It may represent a feeling or part of yourself such as anger, jealousy, love, or fear. When you wake up, ask yourself again who or what is chasing you. Furthermore, you should think about the reason why it chases you and why you are running instead of facing the chaser. The things happening in unconsciousness has the root in reality. Is someone controlling your life? Are you living under pressure? Chase dreams will continue to chase you at night if you are not brave enough to accept and deal with your problem during daytime.

Dreams about Being Abandoned

It is a cold and horrible feeling when you have a dream of being abandoned. It suggests that you should do something to improve your situation now. Maybe the past has filled your soul with beautiful but broken memories, and they trap you so long. It may be caused because you are separated from your family members; you have stood alone to face strong life storms for a long time. A dream is an urgent call to tell you that you need your beloved ones’ support, so you should make a plan to invest in important relationships. It is never too late to change your thinking and heal the wound in your heart to welcome new energy and life.

Just describe your dreams in the box below or look up the meaning of your dream at our site. We strongly believe that a full understanding of dreams help you understand what you are thinking in inner side.

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