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Lotus Tarot

Welcome to Lotus Tarot! Take a reading and you will pave the way for positive changes in your tough situations. How can a reading from this site be so powerful?

Discern the figure affecting your life

A reading is a strong voice telling you who and what is influencing your life

negatively. The enemy may be a past event that you want to erase it forever from your head, or it might be a painful memory causing continuous regrets in your heart. The figure of the enemy may look like you, exactly another face of yours. It could be your weak or evil side. You are afraid of facing it because you are scared of yourself. The figure of your opponent might look like someone who are holding control power. They may be your family members, bosses, or some strangers. They make you feel threatened and obsessed, so you try all ways of not being seen and judged by them. Gradually, you keep yourself in tight space and forget how you are.

Whether your enemy is an event or a specific person, a reading will help you detect the roof of your situation explicitly.

Show that you can face and defeat all enemies since the day you were born

A reading made by psychics does not have any black or white magic in it. It only helps you discern your problem and give you some advice and guidance. It is just a part in the process of defeating the enemies. You must be the one who holds weapons named clarity, bravery, or awareness to fight against the dark site inside you or around you. Your inner voice is the only voice you must listen to.

Let the reading made by Lotus Reading assist you in discerning the figures affecting you life and proving that you enable to defeat all enemies!

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