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Are you wondering if this website has psychic abilities? Or do you suspect that there is a trick behind it? For many visitors, it would be boring to simply reveal how the site works. But I have put together information here that you can use to solve this puzzle.

What is fortune telling?

Fortune telling – free or paid – is the term used to describe various methods of looking into the future and thus being able to predict future events. Often it is about trying to answer questions about love, relationships, jobs, finances, and health, with more fortune-tellers being active today than fortune tellers. The most common methods of a fortune teller are astrology, chiromancy (palm reading), card reading (e.g. Tarot, Lenormand, angel cards, whereby different laying systems are used), and the lot oracle, in which the future is predicted by throwing certain objects .

Are there fortune-tellers with supernatural abilities?

Most fortune tellers rely on human knowledge and intuition at best. Everyone has these abilities; fortune-tellers may have better developed them. In the worst case, fortune tellers work with tricks or just make up the prophecies. I don’t dare to judge whether there are fortune tellers who use supernatural abilities.

What tricks do fortune tellers work with? Some of these clairvoyance practices that are typical of a fortune-teller – e.g. B. entrails, oracles, tarot cards, horoscopes, crystal balls, and dream interpretation – were practiced many hundreds of years ago in fortune-telling. Even today, many a fortune teller is very popular from all walks of life. Even some politicians and managers seek advice from a fortune teller and take clairvoyance into account in their decisions.

With many of the services offered in real or online, mostly not free of charge, it can be assumed that the fortune teller herself is not convinced of the seriousness of the prophecies. This also applies to fortune-tellers who do not work for free. But there are also quite a few online fortune-tellers who are serious fortune tellers.

There are proven tricks that many fortune tellers work with. These include, for example:

Warm / Hot Reading: Here the fortune-teller gets information about those seeking advice before the appointment. When making an appointment, information such as name, date of birth, and place of residence is often requested, so that a large amount of information can be researched via search engines and social networks. This information or logical deductions are then interspersed within the framework of the prophecy: If the person seeking advice is divorced, a message reads “You had bad luck in love”. If the person seeking advice is widowed, “you have suffered a serious loss” will be assumed, or asking very high prices. I find it really bad when an attempt is made to drive those seeking advice into a dependency on advice.

How does fortune telling work on this website?

Science and mathematics on the one hand and mystical-esoteric phenomena on the other form great opposites. This also applies to free fortune-telling with runes and nature.

Your partner has left you and you don’t know how life goes on without him/her. You spend many sleepless nights because you don’t know if he or she will come back to you, even though you want it so badly. Perhaps you are also facing an important professional decision and want to know how it will affect your future. Or there are structural changes in your job and you want to know whether you will keep your job.

Whichever of these questions moves you, our experienced esoteric fortune tellers will help you. They will lift the veil of the future for you a little and thus give you the great opportunity to influence the future in your sense through correct behavior in the present. We welcome you all the more to our site and look forward to being at your side.

Our fortune tellers are at your side

It is not the big events in the world that are important for most of us and with which high politics deals, but rather things from everyday life such as love and partnership, health, job and career, financial situation, and the like. It is precisely at this point that our fortune tellers give you help and advice by looking into the future. This is all the more important because too often ignorant of future events can lead to great emotional stress. But it doesn’t have to be, because we’ll show you what the future has in store for you – provided you make the right decision and take the right path.

Our life is like a river that flows inexorably towards the sea. We at Esoterika cannot and do not want to prevent the flow of your life from reaching its destination, but we can help you to avoid dangerous currents on the way there and to avoid shallows. But how does this happen?

Powerful fortune-tellers – use of energetic currents

According to the findings of modern astrophysics, there is no delimited yesterday, today, and tomorrow in the universe, but everything forms an inseparable unit. This unity is represented in the energy fields of the universe. Future events are also visible in these. Everyone who deals with esotericism knows that ultimately a person also represents an energetic system that has assumed a material form for some time. Thus all words, thoughts, emotions, and actions of a person radiate energy.

This happens through his aura, i.e. through the subtle energy field that envelops a person’s body. Our soothsayers of esotericism, who have innate clairvoyance and can act as a medium, let the person’s thoughts flow through the aura of the person seeking advice. To do this, they put themselves in a trance state. In this state, you can also use energetic currents to let parts of the energy fields of the universe flow within you and thus bring about a connection between the present and the future. It is precisely this connection that enables them to answer certain questions about the future of an individual. A visit to one of our fortune tellers is not necessary, nor is his presence on site.

Since sent-out thoughts are not material but also specific energy currents, this also enables divination over the phone. This is even more effective than divination on-site because the electronic frequencies of a telephone amplify the energy flows that the questioner emits through his aura. In addition, there is the advantage of anonymity in divination over the phone, which may also be important for you. So you don’t need to be afraid to ask questions that you would like to hide inside yourself. In addition, we are here available for you 24 hours a day.

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